Prof. Ghaus Ansari (1929-2012) (Founding Chairman)

It is with sadness that we note the death of Professor Ghaus Ansari, founding Chairman of the Commission on Urban Anthropology. Two Obituaries were published in: Urbanities, Vol. 2, No 2, November 2012: and in the CUA Bulletin 2013 (see: CUA Publications Page)

Prof. Peter Nas (Founding Secretary), Prof. Kiyota Aoyagi, Dr Joyce Aschenbrunner, Prof. Azuke Dike, Prof. Walter Dostal, Prof. Richard Fox, Prof. Peter Gutkind, Dr Anna Hohenwart, Prof. Oshomha Imoagene, Prof. Leonard Plotnicov, Prof. Kathryn Skinner, Prof. Aidan Southall, Dr Maria Matilda Suarez, Dr Ricardo Torrealba.


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