The Current CUA Executive - composed of the Chair, Deputy-chair and Executive Secretary - was re-elected for another term of office at the Commission's Business Meeting held in Corinth on occasion of the CUA Annual Conference 2017. Following the new procedure, the new term of office will officially start after the IUAES World Congress to be held in Brazil in July 2018 for a duration of 4 years.

(2013-2018; re-elected for the period 2018-2023)


Dr Giuliana B. Prato University of Kent,UK View Giuliana B. Prato's profile on LinkedIn


Prof. Manos Spyridakis University of the Peloponnese, Greece


Dr Marcello Mollica University of Messina, Italy


Advisory Committee (Since 2011):

Prof. Fernando Monge UNED - University of Distant Education, Spain

Dr Rosemary Harris (2011-2015) University College London, UK

Prof. Ghaus Ansari (2011-2012) University of Vienna, Austria
Regional Correspondents (2013-2018):
At the IUAES World Congress held in Manchester, UK, the following CUA members agreed to act as CUA Regional Correspondents for the period 2013-2018. They agreed to inform the CUA Executive and Membership of relevant urban-related events and activities held in their respective region, and to encourage cooperation between local institutions and organizations and the CUA:*

Prof. Sumita Chauduri (2007-) University of Kolkata, India

Prof. Carmen Rial (2013-) Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil

Prof. Zdeněk Uherek (2013-) Institute of Ethnology, ASCR, v.v.i., Czech Republic

Prof. Alex Weingrod (2007-) Ben Gurion University, Israel




Prof. Ghaus Ansari (founding Chairman), 1982-August 2006 (University of Vienna, Austria)

Prof. Fernando Monge, September 2006-January 2010 (University of Distant Education, UNED, Spain)


Dr Giuliana B. Prato, 2003-January 2010 (University of Kent, UK)

Executive Secretary and Newsletter Editor:

Prof. Peter Nas, 1982-1998 (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)

Prof. Maria Lukowska, (Interim period 1998-1999) (University of Lodz, Poland)

Dr Freek Colombijn, 1999-2003 (Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Prof. Soheila Shahshahani, 2003-February 2007 (Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran)

Assistant Newsletter Editor:

Mag. Danila Mayer, 2003-2006 (University of Vienna, Austria)

Bulletin Editor

Dr Marcello Mollica (2015-2016) Prof. Manos Spyridakis (2012-2013) Prof. Ilka Thiessen (2010-2011) Prof. Fernando Monge (2007-2009)

Assistant Executive Secretary:

Dr Zhang Jijiao, 2004-2007 (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China)

Regional Correspondents (established in 2007):

Prof. Ilká Thiessen Vancouver Island University, Canada

Prof. Eveline Dürr (Regional Correspondent for the Pacific) Now at University of Muenchen, Germany

Prof. Dr Maria Lukowska University of Lodz, Poland

Prof. Marietta Ortega Perrier Museo Universidad de Tarapacá, Arica, Chile

Prof. Zhang Jijiao Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China

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