2017 - International Conference

The Informal and the Formal in Times of Crisis: Ethnographic Insights

Corinth, Greece - 7-9 July 2017

Joint International Conference:

Commission on Urban Anthropology (CUA)

International Urban Symposium-IUS

University of the Peloponnese

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DEADLINE for submission of proposals: 27 FEBRUARY 2017

All abstracts must be sent as a Word Document. Proposals must also include a short (100 word) Bio including affiliation and relevant publications, as well as e-mail addresses of all known participants.Please submit abstracts of Papers or Panels to the Convenors:

  • Italo Pardo:
  • Manos Spyridakis:
  • Giuliana B. Prato:


CASCA/IUAES Conference/Intercongress - Mo(u)vement

2-7 May 2017 - Ottawa, Canada -

Panel organized under the auspices of the CUA: RM-MRB06-Migration, urbanization and identity

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